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ABOUT YOUR VISIT Preparation for your appointment, gynecologist, infertility, Pune, NIBM, best gynecolgist in pune, best gynecologist around me


Preparation for your appointment
  • Make a list and prioritize your concerns

  • Document your family history

  • Remember your allergies or sensitivities

  • Create a list of current medications.

  • Bring a family member or friend


“I visited Dr. Madhu by chance in 2019 and was so impressed with her diagnosis and sincerity that I have not visited any other doctor ever since. Being pregnant, working throughout the week and being in a city away from family, was a daunting task but Dr. Madhu has been the guiding force and pillar of strength throughout my pregnancy and delivery journey. I followed her advice with blind faith and with God's blessings and through her hands, I delivered a healthy baby in February 2022. I am very grateful to her for all that she's done to deliver my little angel to me and caring for me post delivery as well.”

Dilshad Gupta

“Dr. Madhu is a professional who handles her patients with utmost care and patience. She addresses all concerns and shares very practical advise.
My personal journey to motherhood has been a blessing and it was possible only with her guidance. She not only advices the mother-to-be but always has inputs for spouses and how they can contribute in this journey.
Her support for normal delivery was phenomenal. I would have given up had it not been for her constant encouragement during the labour. A wise and warm doctor is what you need during the labour and Dr. Madhu is all that and more!!!
Highly recommend her consult. All my friends are coming to you Dr. Madhu.”

sonam chaddha

“Dr. Madhu is one of the finest Gynac we have in Pune city. I would highly recommend to all the expecting mom to get treated under her. Some of her best quality is building emotional connect with the patient,making patient comfortable, highly approachable,just a call away to adress the smallest doubt, gives full time & attention to the patient, last but not the least maintaining great rapport with patient. This was my first pregnancy experience & I must say, she made me super comfortable as she would adress all my questions. I wish her all the very best for her future!”

Rini Verma

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